Monday, December 13, 2010

New Nintendo v0.4-beta3 and Android Update

The Nintendo Homebrew version of the project has been increased to 'v0.4-beta3'. The changes that were made were many, but one was the addition of a new level 11. This is a boss level with an until-now-unseen boss monster. It shoots laser beams. The source code and the binary are available on Sourceforge at the link below.

Meanwhile, the Android version was updated. The android update was a small fix that allowed the game to be played more easily on tablet Android devices. There has been no attempt to incorporate the level 11 boss monster code in the Android version, and I don't know when that might even take place. Still, the game looks better on a tablet sized screen than it did before. There are no updates to the database tables so people should be able to play the game with their old database without interruption after they update their game. A link to the bar code that will allow you to download the game from the Android market is below.

As always, you can use the links to the right of this post to visit Google Code or to look at the code that goes into the Android and Nintendo versions of Awesomeguy, respectively.

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