Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Release and

On April 3 I uploaded an app to the market that was supposed to fix a bug. The bug was that when you started the game and pressed the back button immediately the app crashed. This was due to the fact that an Async task that ran the splash screen wasn't being killed on versions of Android like 2.2 . The update fixed the problem but introduced another one.

The new problem was that the external lib for Google Analytics wasn't being found in the game package when it was time for the Analytics code to run. It turned out that this was because the Eclipse android ADT was changed slightly when ADT 17 was released. I only updated my own version of the ADT a few days before I uploaded my game's apk. I was not aware of the change and in my haste I released something on the 3rd that didn't work.

This morning, April 4,  I fixed the problem (I think) and the game runs again. Sorry for the error.

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