Friday, January 18, 2013

New Release


This release, for Awesomeguy and Awesome-Flyer, allows the apps to report high scores to an on-line AppEngine database. This database service is free, but could be cancelled at any time by administrators if volume is too high or the service is misused. Also, note that individual scores are subject to being removed by admins if they are somehow objectionable.

The process of uploading scores from within the games is easy. First, make a game-name to use when you play the game. Then, when you are done playing, go to the 'HighScores' screen. This screen is reachable from the 'Players' screen MENU key. Then long-press the score that you want to upload and the game will ask you what you want to do. Choose 'Send Scores To Online List' and you will be asked for a account to proceed with. This is the only confusing part. You must choose a google account so that the game can use it to authenticate your message to the on-line database. Simply choose an account and the score will be sent to the Web.

You can view your scores on-line from the game by going to the 'Players' screen and choosing MENU, and then choosing 'Web Scores' from the items presented. From there you can also change which google account you are using to authenticate with. Bye the way, other players cannot see the value of your google email account.

After you choose a google email account to authenticate your scores, you will not be asked again unless you decide that you want to change which account you are using on your own.

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