Friday, August 15, 2014

Awesomeguy Flash File -- AG20

There is a new (somewhat new) version of Awesomeguy on line. It's called AG-2.0, and it incorporates aspects of gameplay from the Android version of Awesomeguy and also the Android version of Awesome-flyer. The link to the flash file is below.

It even has some of the old levels from the Android Awesomeguy. It doesn't have all the levels, but it has four or five. I suppose that that leaves room for future development.

It makes a lot of use of xml files, so new levels can be added by incorporating extra xml files. The xml files are pretty easily read in flash. I also wrote some special programs for editing the xml files that are programmed in java. I also still use the windows 'Mappy' program to create tilemaps for my games. That means the finished AG20 game uses flash, java, and a windows application for configuring the levels.

Along the way I did try out the adobe air Android APK packaging. I actually got a version of the swf file to run on an Android device, but it was so slow that I didn't pursue it. The Android version is fastest as a java-jni-C app. Maybe some time in the future I will revisit that app and try to make the java interface nicer. The actual running of the game will probably not change from its present version, though.

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