Sunday, February 1, 2015


I've published another version of the game.

I've been working on a dueling option where one person on one phone can challenge another person on another phone and the two phones would be connected by bluetooth. It's far from complete, but the version now available in the Play Store is usable to a certain extent. It's somewhat buggy and it requires a lot of patience.

Essentially you need to have bluetooth on your phone and so does your opponent. You must also both have matching versions of the game. The very first step is to make sure that bluetooth is on and that the two phones are 'paired'. I can't really go into the details of 'pairing' here.

Then you open the Dueling controls and pick out your desired startup options. Specifically you must choose weather you want sound on and witch side of the screen you want to start on. (Your opponent must choose the opposite side!) Then you start the match by pressing -- both simultaneously -- the mac address of your opponent in the list at the bottom of the dialog.

If everything works out correctly the session will start and you will be able to fight each other. If things don't work out correctly bad things happen. There's a list of things that could go wrong, starting with no connection being made and including connection being made but proper synchronization not being achieved.

If things get muddled up, you can try again. At some point the game will not respond to additional attempts, so after the 4th attempt the game displays a message instructing you to "toggle bluetooth". As the message implies, you can continue to try to get a connection, but only after stopping the program (on both phones) starting the phone's SYSTEM program and turning bluetooth off and on again after about five seconds (again on both phones).

There's no recording of scores or who's the winner! For now you just have to be content knowing that you beat your opponent!

I'm still working on 'BLUETOOTH DUELING' and I'm trying my best to get around the various restrictions. For the time being if you can get it to work that's great. If you can get it working email me!

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