Monday, December 28, 2015

Awesome Guy Update 12.27.2015

I updated and re-released Awesome Guy. The most important change is a small one to the rules of game play. Now, when you want to exit the level and go to the next level you need the key that you find somewhere on the level. Only if you have the key is the crystal enabled. The crystal -- the marker on the screen to exit the level -- is white if you don't have the key, and blue if you do have the key.

If the level has a key, the crystal starts out white. When you get the key the level the crystal turns blue. Touching the white crystal does nothing. Touching the blue crystal takes you to the next level. If there's no key on the level, the crystal starts out blue.

There are some other changes to the app also. First off, the game now uses Google Leaderboards to keep track of scores. Also the button layout in landscape view has changed to something more intuitive.

The updated version was released December 27, 2015.

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