Monday, January 18, 2016

Awesome Guy Update 01.17.2016

I updated Awesome Guy. The changes include a new level that I would call a BOSS level. There's no single bad guy, but it is the last level (level 11) and it is in some ways harder than all the other levels. Because not many people play the game I will describe what the level contains here. Spoiler alert.

There's no exit and no keys. What you have to do is to get each of the four 'seeds' one after the other and then deposit them in the spinning circle at the center of the level. You can tell that you've gotten one of the seeds because your character is transformed. Now it has a spinning circle around it. Yes, many spinning circles on screen at once. Now, to maneuver you must hold down the jump key while pressing the arrow keys. This will allow you to move over to the center of the screen to get rid of the seed. If you don't do anything when you are transformed you will float upward and eventually hit the top of the level. If you let this happen you will die.

The monsters can still kill you, so watch out.

There are four seeds on the boss level. If you get all four seeds into the goal at the center of the screen you can tell all your friends that you won. The game does allow you to start at any level you like, though, so you need not play all ten of the first 'normal' levels in order to get to the boss. You can go to the options menu on the Players page and simply select level 11 and you can play (and win) the boss.

There are some other changes to the game. Most important is the Google Leaderboard. The leaderboard has been part of the game since the 12.27.2015 release, but now the leaderboard has been enabled by default. When you first open the app it will ask you for an account to use for the leaderboard. You can disable this, and re-enable it later if you want, from the options menu on the Players page.

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