Monday, May 2, 2016

Awesome Flyer

I returned to Awesome-Flyer to update the game. I added some stuff that connects the game to Google Leaderboards, and it seems to work well. I also corrected some screen size issues that were present if you played the game in portrait mode.

It all went reasonably well. The biggest part of the whole thing was switching from Eclipse, which I used when I started the game, to Android Studio, which is the current standard. This was all before I even started to address what was wrong with the game!

There's few if any real users of this game. Maybe I can change that in the future.

If you were a user of the game, and you update to the new version, you will have to clear the local game's cache for the new game to work. Otherwise the game will crash on you when you launch.

This is because I used 'integers' for saving the score in the old version of the game. The new version uses 'longs', and since I save the score in system preferences (application cache) and since these values changed from 'int' to 'long', the android operating system needs to be cleaned out before the new preferences can be saved over the old.

My only fear now is that the 'jni' library for the game may not work for all SDK levels. I have tried it on SDK 22, 23, and some others. I do not have many devices to test with, though, and I don't have money to buy test devices. Hopefully the native library (the 'jni') just works. If not, then only a small number of people will be able to use the game.

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