Saturday, February 25, 2017

Return To Awesome Guy - 2017.02.25

I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to implement the Awesomeguy game in HTML and javascript. The version I've been working on uses no server-side scripting. That means on a LAMP server I would be using no MySQL or PHP. It's very interesting and using HTML5 I have been able to port all ten of the original levels to javascript.

Also, this game differs from previous versions of the game in the following ways: Starting off, there's no eleventh level. In the current version of the Android game there's an eleventh level that has OpenGL objects on the screen. HTML5 doesn't do OpenGL, so the level was not included. Another thing that was included was a multithreaded routine that allowed the monsters to aggresively follow the main character around the level. The monsters can now go up ladders, down ladders, and across flooring to persue the guy. The 'follow' routines are still a little buggy and can be disabled using a optional checkbox on the game's page.

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