Sunday, March 26, 2017

Awesomeguy Android App -- 2017.03.25

I've taken a version of Dijkstra's algorithm and applied it to my Android app. The new code allows the monsters to seek out and follow the Awesomeguy character. It's an improvement to the game. I also changed the color scheme of the app. Then I released the app again on the android market.

I'm calling this new aspect of the game Helicopter Monsters. Why it needs a name I don't know. The monsters are meant to look like little helicopters some of the time and that's where the name comes from.

I'm having a problem with testing my app. I have only two devices right now. Both started out as Marshmallow devices, and when they were both M devices the app worked totally fine on both devices. Recently one of the devices updated to the N android operating system. Since then the Nougat device causes problems for my app. Knowing that this is an issue I have gone out of my way to update the code in a way that will allow it to work well.

I have not been successful, and yet I have released the game anyway. There are now only something like 20 users of the game and only one of those users is reported to be using the N operating system. Honestly I believe that the individual this figure reported may actually be me.

There were, at one point, thousands of downloads of the game. Now of the 20 or so users, only one or two users are on the latest version of the game. The rating for the game is 3.0 or so. I am not interested in the rating so much as the game has changed considerably since I first released it. It is now a different game in many ways. I have re-released it on its own merits.

Recently the Google Play admins contacted me to tell me that there was a change in the way that they represent the apps on the Play store site. They informed me that the apps all needed legal documents for all the special permissions that the app uses. The Awesomeguy app used google analytics and Google Play Leaderboards. The notification said that the two options I had were to remove the special permissions or to add legal disclaimers to the app. I chose the former. Hopefully the app will be retained on the Play Store site. I believe that the Leaderboard functionality does not require a disclaimer.

That's the state of the Awesomeguy app.

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