Sunday, May 7, 2017

Awesome Distro Watch -- 2017.05.07

This is a readme file from an app I am working on and is now available on the Google Play Market.
Awesome Distro Watch - debian style distro watching
This app does not install Linux on your phone. Instead it lets you know when updates are available for your computer’s Linux install.
Have you installed Linux? Are you using an operating system like Debian or Ubuntu? Would you like to know when your favorite program is ready to update… Even before you start up your computer? Now you can use this app to watch your favorite distro when it updates packages!
Instructions (short version):
  1. Start App
  2. Configure URL of Distro on Configure page
  3. Confirm URL Change and Click Pink 'go' button
  4. Browse Repository ('BROWSE' button on main page)
  5. Click on files for tracking (checkbox will turn green when file is selected)
  6. LATER: click on 'CONFIGURE' and 'CHECK DISTRO' to see if updates for your files are available.
NOTES: The program just keeps one list of files for tracking, so if you switch the url you may still get notification that your package is new even though you selected it when another url was being used.
CHECK DISTRO typically will not work immediately after URL is set. It will take some time for the distro developers to update the package repository. Then the 'CHECK DISTRO' button will work. Be patient.

this is the config page:

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